Bulletproof backpack

Bulletproof backpacks have developed by 300% due to school shootings and attacks recently in Ohio, Dayton, Texas, and El Paso. Furthermore, no backpacks in the market today can resist bullets from gunmen. Most parents have now decided to purchase bulletproof backpacks for their children to enhance their sense of security. Note that you can purchase bulletproof backpacks and backpack inserts online, in major retailers, such as Bed Bath, Home Depot, and Office Depot. If you are worried about finding the bulletproof backpack, worry no more since this article will keep you informed.

What is the function of a bulletproof backpack?

Note that the back panel or backpack insert with a make of a ballistic fiber flexible material makes the backpack bulletproof. Moreover, these backpacks meet Level IIIA standards for the body armor, initiated by the National Institute of Justice. This means that the bulletproof backpacks have sufficient resistant energy to repel handgun bullets. On the other hand, several costly models of bulletproof backpacks, like the military-grade bulletproof backpack, can be advanced with an addition of polyethylene plates, which go hand in hand with Level III standards for body shield. To prevent any piercing ammunition regularly fired using the military-style rifles in recent attacks leading to school and mass shootings. It requires your children to have protection containing metallic plates and hard ceramic weighing a lot of pounds.

What is the cost of a bulletproof backpack?

In case you want to purchase the products that commence with resistant- plain bullet panels, cost approximately $100 plus they can be inserted in regular backpacks. On the other hand, Tuffy bulletproof backpacks cost $167 while Guard Dog Security ProShield 2 goes at $190. The Leather Civilian bulletproof backpack costs 329.95. Moreover, it has a shoulder padding, which works like a tourniquet; it can also work as the body strap to rescue children with severe wounds from a fire line. Note that Masada Armour’s bulletproof backpack comes with a hidden vest inside; you can decide to use it to secure your waist or head; this backpack costs $497. Additionally, the ballistic hard plates can sum up to the additional cost.

Does a bulletproof backpack work?

Yes, they do, but with several caveats. Note that these backpacks are resistant to bullets and withstand fire ranging from 9mm Glock handgun plus a.40 Wesson and caliber Smith handgun. Furthermore, your children feel more secure with a bulletproof backpack whenever they are walking, and if an emergency occurs.


Choose to save your children today by purchasing bulletproof backpacks that will guarantee security if there is any shooting. Based on the above information, you now have a clear understanding of the bulletproof backpacks. Therefore, it is upon you to ensure that you buy them to guarantee your children total safety. I hope this article will benefit you to better understand details about the bulletproof backpack.