Bulletproof backpack

Bulletproof backpacks have developed by 300% due to school shootings and attacks recently in Ohio, Dayton, Texas, and El Paso. Furthermore, no backpacks in the market today can resist bullets from gunmen. Most parents have now decided to purchase bulletproof backpacks for their children to enhance their sense of security. Note that you can purchase […]

Why We Need to Fight for Freedom

When I was in journalism school, they taught us about freedom fighting. Then the 9/11 incident happened. I was disgusted that my professors would think freedom fighting is sensationalism. Then I learned more and more, until my head spun with conspiracies and listening to the other side. I wish we could all be pacifists. I […]

Happy Hunting

The weather is hot and one nice thing about COVID-19 is that we’ve managed to have a hot summer. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of pollution and noise, but the animals are more among people than ever. As I was going for my daily walk, I stumbled upon a deer. It was in […]

Using tactical sights

I looked into my backyard the other day in my summer home, and I saw a deer. I hadn’t been out to the property in about six months, so the grass in the back had grown very long. The bird bath beside the deer was probably full of rainwater. This deer was sitting, yes sitting, […]

Tactical gear is essential

Tactical gear is essential for any hobby mission and certainly in a professional field. Tactical gear can range from tactical sights to simply having the right clothing. There is a market for all sorts of tactical gear both online and in stores. The reason that you want to have tactical gear is that you should […]