Happy Hunting

The weather is hot and one nice thing about COVID-19 is that we’ve managed to have a hot summer. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of pollution and noise, but the animals are more among people than ever.

hunting rifle

As I was going for my daily walk, I stumbled upon a deer. It was in someone’s backyard in the country. I made eye contact and I slowly etched along the road. It seemed to understand instinctually my intentions. After it ambled forward a few times, it eventually put its head down to eat the grass. This is how I knew that I could safely pass along the same path as it.

When you’re hunting this season, keep in mind that the deer and other animals are out with more frequency now due to the pandemic. This has become their grounds, and you are the anomaly, not them. This is why the deer felt that a rural person’s yard was actually its home. I’ve seen that with the deer on my property too. I’m just glad they’re not bears.

You will want to get the tactical gear that helps the animals you hunt to feel at home. This means a tactical vest, tactical helmet, and tactical pants that helps you blend into the scenery. You don’t want to be the person that is intruding on them while they are so at home. In another encounter, they could run at you. You never know with wild animals.

One thing I would advise you to do on your hunts is to watch out. There are more animals out there now than you think. Be careful that you are not the one being surprised by the plethora of creatures out there. Other than that, I wish you happy hunting.