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Norton Internet Security is a popular brand which offers robust antivirus software. This reliable brand is readily available and can be purchased either directly from the web store or from the nearest retail store. Norton subscription packages vary according to the range of features they offer. Before selecting a package, one can go through all the features and make the choice as per their requirement. For users who want to secure all the devices in the household, highest subscription plan is recommended. Each of the Norton antivirus and anti-malware software comes with its own set of exhaustive list of the latest viruses, malwares, as well as phishing protection. Norton offers its services to a number of different operating systems and devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. How to Buy Norton antivirus Product Key? Norton not only manufactures but also sells a range of security products. Users can select the Norton product as per their needs. Norton product key can be purchased both online and offline. Online Mode
  1. In order to purchase Norton product key online, open the web browser.
  2. Head to
  3. Select the product which you want and click on purchase.
  4. Enter all the required details and make the payment.
  5. When the Norton product purchase is successful, you will receive an email which will have the product key for the purchased Norton product.
  6. Secure the key with you as it will be needed at the time of Norton product activation and Norton Account log in.
Offline Mode
  1. Go to your nearest Norton retail store.
  2. Choose a Norton product and make the payment.
  3. A CD along with the Norton product key will be given.
  4. Keep he Norton product key secure.
Prerequisites before Downloading and Installing Norton Setup
  • Ensure that the computer system does not have any conflicting software installed.
  • Ensure that no junk files are present in the temporary folders of the computer system.
  • Ensure that the computer system meets the minimum system requirements for the Norton product.
  • Ensure that the subscription of Norton antivirus is valid.
Steps To Download Norton Product
  1. Type in in your web browser.
  2. Locate the sign in button at the top right hand corner of the Norton home page.
  3. Log in with your email ID and password associated to Norton.
  4. Click on sign up if you are a new user.
  5. Fill the given form in order to create a new Norton account.
  6. Two options will be provided to new users: Install on other device and Install on this device.
  7. Make the suitable selection.
  8. Click on agree and download.
  9. If you wish to download more than just one product, select thee other product and click on Next.
  10. If you wish to download the Norton product on another device then click on send A Download Link button.
  11. Use the link provided in order to download it on a different device.
  12. Wait for the download process to finish.
Norton Product Installation
  1. The installation process will begin when the Norton product software has downloaded successfully.
  2. Initiation of file extraction will happen for the installation process.
  3. At times, the file extraction may have to be initiated manually.
  4. If the file extraction does not start automatically, go to the Toolbar and find the Norton Icon.
  5. Double click on the Norton icon and wait for it to launch.
  6. File extraction process will begin.
  7. Wait for the process of file extraction to complete.
  8. When the extraction process is successful, Norton License Agreement window will pop up on the desktop.
  9. Go through the license agreement and click on I agree.
  10. Confirm all the installation options given.
  11. Selecting the default installation option is highly recommended by Norton technicians.
  12. Click on the Next button if you wish to continue with the process of installation.
  13. The installation will commence.
  14. Allow the installation process to finish. It may take up to 10 minutes, depending on the computer system speed and the type of Norton product.
How to Activate Norton Product Key? Here are the steps to activate Norton product key which was purchased online:
  • Double click on the Norton icon to launch the Norton product.
  • Find and copy the Norton product key from the inbox of your email address registered with Norton.
  • Type in the 25 digits Norton product key code in the given box.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the activation process.
Following are the steps for activating Norton Product key purchased offline:
  • Go to the Norton website’s activation page
  • Type in the 25 digits Norton product code which was given at the time of purchase.
  • Click on Sign In and the Norton product is successfully updated.
  • After redeeming the activation card, restart the computer system.
If you encounter any issue or technical error with your Norton product, then call on the Norton Customer support toll-free number and get instant solutions. The Norton Customer Care team is devoted to providing 24/7 and reliable service to its customers. The highly trained and skilled staff of Norton support can fix each and every issue effortlessly and efficiently.  If you have any query or doubt regarding Norton, you can get in touch with the Norton Customer service via chat, phone, or email.