Best 5 FREE GoPro Editing Software for Windows 10

In ancient times, people were able to afford sophisticated cameras, and the regular cameras would make the video blurred if the device would shake while recording – something which is frequent while shooting adventure and sports.

GoPro has changed the way of scenes with action videography. While being a budget camera, it’s been having a high shutter speed, making it perfect for shooting the videos where the camera moves continuously.

5 best Free GoPro editing software for Windows

You will be amazed watching the five free GoPro editing software as they provide some excellent facilities and advanced features for professional works. Here we’ve listed these free GoPro editing tools that are going to help you edit the GoPro videos.

  1. Quik

We can say that the most challenging part with editing GoPro videos comes when the majority of GoPro users are amateurs with videography, and literally, that is the reason they buy a GoPro. They cannot be believed to be skillful with video editing software, and this is the time where Quik tapped the market. It has especially been designed for beginners; Quik’s user-friendly interface makes it an understandable and preferred app. You can download it from its official website.

  1. Avidemux

One more good video editing software for learners or beginners is “Avidemux.” The tool is light and initially provides three basic functions: filtering, cutting, and encoding. When talking about the advanced functions, it allows de-noising and sharpening. This easy-to-use app can be downloaded from the company’s website quickly.

  1. VSDC

When you don’t have in-depth knowledge of such complicated software, and you are looking for a sophisticated video editing having, VSDC should be your preferred choice. As mentioned earlier, Quik is suitable for beginners but lacks several features. VSDC has a mixture of almost everything a good video editor would require. All the software needs is a little bit of learning, after this, you will easily be able to create color effects, use filters, blur and add other effects, and more. VSDC is available on its website; you can download it in just a few steps.

  1. Blender

This profoundly loaded app has probably got every feature in it, from animation to 3D modeling to game creation. However, it is not recommended for beginners and requires the user to study its course. Still, the application is worth it all. It also helps users in creating precision videos. One of the main reasons this software has been featured in the list is its uniqueness, unlike most other “advanced” video editing tools, it’s free of cost. So go and download Blender from its website.

  1. OpenShot

Since OpenShot is a multi-platform, it is one of the beneficial applications for new users who wish to edit their videos across platforms. The app gives users an ability to adjust the speed of the GoPro video, some primary animation effects, and some basic editing features. Although it somewhere lacks when it comes to some functions yet, OpenShot is trusted by many users around the world and has been trustworthy with whatever. This useful software could be downloaded for free from its manufacturers’ website.

Hope this information will be useful to you; let us know in the comment box below. All the best.

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