Best Mindfulness Apps for iOS and Android

With an increased materialistic orientation in the modern world, superficiality is rampant. Sometimes people find themselves trapped in technology that makes them vulnerable to the actual world.

 Technology is one of the most significant culprits for making modern life stressful and anxiety levels high. Well, at one particular place, it is helping in alleviating the stress levels too. Look into your smartphone and maintain peace of your mind. These apps will help you in relaxing through some mindfulness practices.

  • Insight Timer

This app is one of the best apps for meditation. Users can choose from several sounds. This application is entirely free. Everyone should give it a try. Being interested in developing the practice of meditation is good. It is available for both the iOS and the smartphone.

  • Calm

Just like the name suggests, it is the best app for managing the long term stress. This app will be reducing your anxiety and stress levels for sure. It is known for enhancing your overall happiness in all the aspects. You will have an increased quality of sleep.

 This application will guide you through multi-day series, and the goal is accomplished. Include these seven days of calm in your life and manage the stress. Reduce anxiety. Be appreciative towards things you are blessed with.

  • Omvana

It is one of the best apps for meditation. The general concept of this app is identical to all other apps that have been mentioned here already.

It will enhance your mindfulness with the guided practice. Particular focus is on Music. Users can even select mixer too for perfect vocal and some background experience. Appreciated ones can be used for the future purpose also.

  • Aura

It is one of the best apps for short term meditation. You will get a list where you need to select your feelings. There will be several options like great, sad, anxious, or okay. Users will get to meditate accordingly.

 Every single day the user will get a three minute of meditation depending upon your feelings. It has a mood tracker that will get to know about your feelings. Some universal apps such as unguided meditation will also be there.

  • Sattva

It is known for playing the sounds of the game.  It has insight engines that will help you understand how meditation is enhancing your life quality. Your heart rate will be measured before and after the meditation.

  • Smiling Mind

This application comes up with an easily accessible interface. It will keep track of the progress. It is perfect for those younger ones. It is specially made for the students. The main focus is education.

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