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Exploring the Top Mid-Cap Mutual Funds

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In the realm of mutual fund investments, mid-cap mutual funds have been gaining considerable traction for their potential to deliver robust returns. Let’s plunge into the world of mid-cap mutual funds, highlighting their advantages, and explore the leading choices for tax-efficient investment.

Understanding Mid-Cap Stocks

Mid-cap stocks are renowned for their distinctive blend of growth prospects and stability. While they might not display the same level of volatility as small-cap stocks, they frequently outperform large-cap stocks in terms of growth.

Advantages of Mid-Cap Mutual Funds

  1. Diversification Benefits: Mid-cap mutual funds proffer diversification across a spectrum of mid-sized companies. This diversification aids in mitigating risk while simultaneously providing exposure to promising growth prospects.
  2. Potential for Growth: Investing in mid-cap companies entails the potential for substantial capital appreciation. These companies typically find themselves in a growth phase, which can yield impressive returns.
  3. Lower Risk in Comparison to Small-Cap Funds: Mid-cap stocks, by and large, exhibit less volatility than their small-cap counterparts, rendering mid-cap mutual funds a comparatively stable investment avenue.
  4. Liquidity and Accessibility: Mid-cap mutual funds tend to offer higher liquidity when juxtaposed with individual mid-cap stocks. This, in turn, facilitates seamless buying and selling for investors.

Top Mid-Cap Mutual Funds

Now, let’s shift our focus to some of the best mid-cap mutual funds that also offer tax-saving investment opportunities:

1.   Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme

Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme is an open-ended mid-cap fund that boasts a significant fund size. Launched on March 30, 2007, the fund primarily targets long-term capital appreciation by investing in mid-sized companies. Its recent performance demonstrates returns of 19.77% over one year, offering an attractive option for mid-cap investors. Diversified holdings in companies like Supreme Industries, Cummins India, and Schaeffler India contribute to its success. The fund has a competitive risk and reward profile, as shown by its standard deviation, information ratio, beta, and Sharpe ratio. This mid-cap fund is certainly worth considering for investors looking for growth opportunities.

2.    Mirae Asset Midcap Fund

 Mirae Asset Midcap Fund has emerged as a compelling choice among mid-cap equity funds. This fund, launched on July 29, 2019, has delivered impressive returns of 19.13% CAGR in a single year. Prominent holdings like The Federal Bank and Bharat Forge contribute to its strong performance. This fund offers an appealing risk-reward balance with a competitive Sharpe ratio, making it an attractive option for investors seeking mid-cap growth.

3.    Nippon India Growth Fund

Nippon India Growth Fund boasts a robust track record in the mid-cap category. Launched on October 08, 1995, this fund has consistently delivered strong returns with a yearly CAGR of 27.11%. Prominent holdings include Cholamandalam Financial Holdings and Power Finance Corporation. With competitive risk-reward metrics, it remains an appealing choice for mid-cap equity investors.

Risks Associated with Mid-Cap Mutual Funds

– Market Volatility: Mid-cap stocks may be subject to market volatility, necessitating preparedness for price fluctuations.

– Economic Cycles: Mid-cap companies might be more susceptible to economic cycles, which can impact their performance.

– Sector-Specific Risks: Certain sectors may fare better or worse in distinct economic conditions, thereby influencing fund returns.

Tips for Successful Mid-Cap Mutual Fund Investing

To maximise the potential of your mid-cap mutual fund investments, it is prudent to bear in mind the following tips:

– Dollar-Cost Averaging: Consider adopting a systematic investment approach like dollar-cost averaging to spread your investments over time.

– Portfolio Rebalancing: Periodically review and rebalance your portfolio to maintain the desired asset allocation.


Investing in the best mid-cap mutual funds offers an avenue for wealth accumulation while concurrently providing tax-saving advantages. By comprehending the unique benefits and risks associated with mid-cap stocks, selecting the right fund, and implementing a thoughtful investment strategy, you can construct a tax-efficient portfolio that aligns with your financial aspirations.

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