Guide to Stopping Facebook from Sharing Your Data

Recently happened data-mining case of Cambridge Analytica has highlighted the issue of privacy breaching. The Facebook (FB) allows you to use the applications and websites and other services integrated with FB. FB has been sharing your private messages with particular parties provided that your FB profile is linked with this app. You can get rid of the third parties as they gather your private information.

Here are some following steps to block the other companies from getting your personal details and protect your FB account from privacy breaching.

Let’s get ready to understand the way out:

1. Launch the FB page and look at the list of applications that your profile has been linked with it. When you doubt on the credibility of any application on FB, then you should revoke it as soon as possible.

2. For this, press “View and edit” in the box of application for checking its permissions, along with the option of editing.

3. Examine the block next to an application and press “Remove” to halt an application from linking with your FB account.

4. Press “Remove” to detach the application from your FB account and examine the box tick if you desire to remove the application based content that particular app posted in your FB account.

5. You have done the removal of an application by pressing “Done”.

Here are some prevention control measures to keep in mind:

1. Employ Incognito and private-browsing mode

It is wisely to access FB site through Incognito mode of Google Chrome or private navigation mode. Through this way, your private information will be less likely to be tracked and delivered to FB itself. You can do this on Chrome on the computer by pressing Shift+Ctrl+N on the keyboard. FB released the latest extension known as Facebook Container Extension that by default launch the FB site in a private browsing window. When you are active on FB and press on the Facebook unrelated link, then that URL would launch in the same tab.

2. Log out the FB account while not working on it

When you remain logged into FB on your system, then FB can trail your footprints across the site despite being inactive on your FB account. FB may deliver the details on your onscreen activities and happenings to the third parties.

3. Employ a tracker blocking device

If you desire to be logged in on your system and want to bypass the repeatedly inserting complex passwords, then you can do this by Tracker Blockers. By the help of Tracker Blocker, you can remain under the FB authentication process for signing in, but you will switch the FB’s tracking arms. It is here noted that these Tracker Blocker services don’t protect you from FB’s eyes until you are logged into the system.

4. Pull out of FB social media networking site by API sharing 

You can consider this measure if you have to be in contact with close friends and others on FB and not using other apps. For doing this, you have to pursue the given steps:

•    Open “Apps, Websites and Games” page on FB and hit “Edit” box under this.

•    Press “Turn Off”. Now all the services linked with your FB will be detached from your FB account. It is noted that this measure doesn’t remove your personal data from those apps or games, hence you have to delete them manually.

5. Remove FB-owned applications from your device It is weird to sound but the apps like FB, Messengers, Instagram should be uninstalled from your device as they have much access into your personal information along with your private photos. FB itself claims that FB app can do anything that you will do with this app.

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