How to Download Amazon Prime Videos for Offline Playback

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce website which offers different types of services to its customers. Recently it launched a new feature called Amazon Prime Video where you will get a variety of video content such as TV shows, cartoons, and movies. You can use this feature in all types of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, etc. if you are aware of Netflix, then it also has a subscription like Netflix which is called ‘Prime membership.’ In ‘Prime membership Packages’ you will get different types of services like exclusive deals on various products, free home delivery, and many other benefits.

For watching the video, TV shows, cartoons, and movies, the user should have Amazon prime video subscription. It permits its users to download video and movies for offline playback. The offline playback feature is beneficial when you are traveling to a place where you won’t always have access to the internet, and maybe there is the network problem. At that time you can use your offline playback feature. Offline playback is not available for all the videos on Amazon Prime Video.

If any video is available for free download, you will get the ‘Download’ button option when you will ‘Tap’ the ‘Watch Now’ button. Once your video gets downloaded, you can watch it without using your data in the offline mode. There is a limited period for watching the offline video which depends on that video. You can download the complete season of any TV show or individually on episode basis. The choice will be given to you for downloading any file in which quality you want to save? And it also depends on your device storage capacity; bigger files have better picture quality. You can download according to your preference.

Here are the steps to enjoy Amazon Prime video offline playback:

  1.    Search ‘Amazon Prime Video’ on the play store.
  2.    Download and install the app.
  3.    Open and sign in with your usual credentials.
  4.    Browse for your video, movie, etc.  You want to download.
  5.    Open your choice.
  6.    Tap the download option.

Note: For TV shows, select the episode which you want to download, then download it from the download option.

  1.    Select the video quality (Good, better or best).
  2. Now, your video will be saved into the ‘Download section.’
  3. You can open it from ‘Main menu.’ And enjoy the video whenever you wish.

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