How to Organize iPhone by Making Folders and Grouping Apps Together

With different apps available for almost everything, most of the people end up installing gazillions of apps. By doing so, it becomes difficult to find them in the home screens because of the clutter. Now, if users want to organize their iPhones, then they will have to start with organizing applications. By grouping similar applications in one place, they will not have to waste minutes in scrolling their home screens trying to locate an app. For example, users can make a group of all their photo editing apps.

However, many users may not know how to create a folder, since it is not entirely evident. In this blog, you will get to know about how to create folders and group apps together on your iPhone.

How to create folders and group apps together?

  1. A folder must have a minimum of two applications. Therefore, before forming the folder, ascertain the apps you would like to insert in the folder.
  2. Navigate to the either of the two (or more) apps and press and hold its icon. Wait for the dance to begin. The app icons on the home screen will start to wiggle.
  3. Now, just drag the selected application and drop it on the second application.
  4. Now, a folder will get created. It will contain the two apps.
  5. Depending on the OS version, the folder will get displayed. For iOS 7 and later versions, the folder and its recommended title will eat up the whole display. In older iOS versions, users will be able to see the selected applications along with a folder title.
  6. In order to change the title of the folder, just tap on the title and enter the one you want.
  7. In order to add more applications to a folder, first, tap on the background for minimizing the folder. After that, just press and hold an app and drop it to the folder.
  8. After making all the changes and modifications, just press the home button located on the display side, in the middle, and save all the changes.
  9. If you want to modify or make some changes to an old folder, then press and hold it until you can see it shake.

How to move folders to the Dock?

For convenience purpose, you can move folders to the Dock of your iPhone. Here’s how:

  1. Firstly, you will need to move an application located in the folder to the Dock. To do so, press and hold the app and release it in the dock.
  2. Now, just tap and hold the folder and release it into the vacant space.
  3. Click on the Home button and to add the folder to the Dock.

How to remove Grouped apps from folders?

In order to remove any application from any folder in your iPhone, follow the process given below:

  1. Long press the folder in which the application you wish to remove is located.
  2. When the icons on the screen start to shake, release the folder.
  3. Now, just tap on the same folder to maximize its content.
  4. Press the app and move it to the Home screen.
  5. Click on the Home button for saving the changes.

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