How to Play Multi-Room Music by Grouping Multiple Echo Devices

Echo speakers come with multi-room audio support. However, to use it, one needs to group them via the Alexa application. With the help of this feature, users can play audio across several Echo speakers in different rooms at once. However, as for now, this feature is limited to some countries. The support is limited to specific devices and services.

What is multi-room music and how does it work?

Multi-room music refers to music in different rooms. Sonos has been in this industry since long. With this feature in Amazon’s smart speakers, you will be able to listen to music in different rooms. Varying from system to system, users can either play the same music on all devices simultaneously or different music on all devices. They can decide whether they want to play music in all rooms, or specific rooms.

Echo speakers have the multi-room music feature which allows the users to make groups of minimum two Echo speakers. Users can assign a name to the group. For example, they can name the group “washroom,” and then they just have to command, “Alexa, play Lady Gaga bathroom.”

Users can play songs from Amazon Music and other online streaming services such as Pandora.

How to group multiple Echo devices to play multi-room audio?

Amazon allows the users to register multiple Alexa devices to a single user account. After doing that, you need to connect all the Echo devices to the same wireless network. The, you need to set them up for multi-room audio with the help of Alexa app. You need to go to the Alexa app to create a group. Let’s see how:

  1. Launch the Amazon Alexa app on the phone.
  2. From the list of options, tap on Smart Home.
  3. After that, choose the Groups section.
  4. Now, tap on the Create Groups option to make a new group.
  5. Select Multi-Room Music Group from the list of options.
  6. You can either choose a name given on the screen.
  7. Or else, press Create Custom and type a name for the group.
  8. After that, go to Next.
  9. Tap on confirm when problem.
  10. When it gets enabled, just ask Alexa to play music on the group’s name.

After setting up a group, you will be able to play multi-room music. You can also control the music from any of the devices in the group. For example, suppose that you have grouped your Echo Dot and Echo Spot together. You were in the living room when you asked Echo Spot to play Bohemian Rhapsody on the group’s name. You can command Alexa to stop playing the music when you go to your bedroom where the Echo Dot is kept.

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