How to Solve Your Connection is Not Secure Error in Firefox

Today security is one of the most important factors for anyone. It would be very convenient to the users of a web browser if the browser pops up a message about the insecure internet connection. In this way, the web browsers would be so helpful, but it will be frustrating when web browser keeps popping up the error message even when the connection is secured.

According to various users, this is what happens in Mozilla Firefox web browser. Numerous reasons and probabilities are causing the error to occur. If you are facing the same error in your Mozilla Firefox, follow the methods mentioned with steps. You will get the solution to solve the problem of your connection is not secure in Firefox.

Here’s how to solve the internet connection not secure error in Firefox

Clear Browsing History

  1. Open Firefox web browser.
  2. Now click the hamburger icon to open a drop-down menu.
  3. Click History and then select Clear Browsing data.
  4. Select the All button cover everything in the removal of junk.
  5. Now click the Clear
  6. It will clear the history in seconds.
  7. Now search Change Proxy section in the Settings
  8. Click to open Security and Privacy.
  9. Now choose the Medium
  10. Restart the web browser.
  11. Try to open the website which showed the Your Connection is not secure error.

Check the Date and Time

If the date and time are incorrect, then the chances of the error to occur are high. Update the date and time and make sure to update them accurately.

  1. Right click on the Taskbar. A menu will open
  2. Now select Adjust time/date.
  3. Toggle off the Set time automatically button.
  4. Wait for few seconds.
  5. Now turn the Set time automatically toggle button on.
  6. Restart the browser and check if the problem persists.

Check the Certificates

If there is any problem with your certificates, then the “Your connection is not secured” error may occur while opening websites in Firefox browser. Most of the cases have been figured that the error is occurring in Firefox is because of some particular antivirus. If this is the case, then the probability of the same situation to progress in your computer is high. Hence you need to download the certificates of the same antivirus program on your computer.

Install the 32-Bit version of Firefox

Since some of the Antivirus are not that compatible with the 64-Bit version Firefox, you should try installing the 32-Bit version of the Firefox.

  1. Click the hamburger icon to open the menu in Firefox.
  2. Click the question mark icon from the bottom of the menu.
  3. Another menu will open.
  4. Click the About Firefox option from the bottom of the menu.
  5. It will display the version of the Firefox you are running right now.
  6. Now, uninstall the 64-Bit version from the computer.
  7. Download and install the web browser of the 32-Bit version.

Delete cert8.db File

Some users shared that deleting the cert8.db file worked to resolve the problem. Since the file might get corrupt, the problem could occur in the browser.

  1. Press Windows key + R to open the Run program in the system.
  2. Type the %appdata% and press the Enter
  3. A Roaming folder will open on the screen.
  4. Click to open Mozilla folder and move to Firefox.
  5. Now double-click to open Profiles folder.
  6. Now you will see the db file in the folder.
  7. Single click on the file and press Ctrl + Shift + Delete key combination.
  8. Click the Yes button when prompted.

The methods mentioned below will work to resolve the problem occurring in Mozilla Firefox. But the method regarding the installation of the 32- Bit version is more effective. Still, if any of the methods don’t work, then you must try to reinstall the web browser in your computer.

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