August 9, 2019 – Enter product Key – Norton Support

Norton antivirus allows the users to use the internet safely and keep their data protected. This antivirus software also provides complete protection including parental controls. Norton antivirus offers a full guarantee to maintain the system and protect it from infections. If you are considering going for Norton antivirus, then purchase the product and download the setup at

How to Download Norton Setup?

Increasing the security of the computer files and folders by downloading any antivirus on the computer will help the user to feel safe while visiting any sites. In case you are thinking to download an antivirus to secure your data, and then go for the Norton antivirus either buy the setup from the store or buy from the online site. Apply the steps given below to start downloading the Norton antivirus on your computer:

•    Enter the link on the recent using browser.

•    Click the “Sign In” option given in the right-hand column of the Norton main page.

•    Type the email address and a onetime password connected with the Norton account.

•    After that, press on the login button to start functioning on the Norton account.

•    The new members of Norton have to sign up first and write all the necessary details.

•    “Download on same computer” or “Download on different computer” both of the options will display on the main page of Norton.

•    The users need to click only one option for downloading the setup.

•    Once the user had chosen the two options, hit the “Agree & Download” option.

•    Here is a possibility of downloading many products of Norton in bulk because there is a not limitation of downloading.

•    Press on the Norton product the user like to use.

•    Transferring the URL of the Norton setup which is already downloaded on the computer can also be the move to many devices.

•    Permit the downloading process of Norton setup to complete.

How to Install Norton Setup?

Once the downloaded process gets finished after purchasing the hard disk of Norton setup from the retail store or purchasing it by visiting the official site of Norton. Go through the steps given below to begin the Norton installation process now:

•    Proceed to the “Downloads” folder, in case this folder doesn’t open automatically on the desktop.

•    Right-clicking on the “Norton setup” downloaded file.

•    After that, choose “Run as Administrator” page.

•    The user will get the “User Account Control” page in their system.

•    Hit on the “Continue” button to proceed to the process of installing Norton setup.

•    Look on the instructions on the installation webpage of Norton.

•    The process of installation Norton setup will get started, and it will take only five minutes to finish.

How to Activate Norton Setup?

Norton setup downloads and activate process should be completed first before the activation process. Go through the easy steps listed below for installing the Norton antivirus that is purchased by the online or offline method:

•    Open the installed folder of Norton setup.

•    Once the users get the Norton setup symbol, double-click on the logo to proceed to the activation process.

•    Write the given identification code on the registered email address or check at the end of the Norton setup hard drive.

•    Press on the “Activate” option located on the Norton main page.

•    Make sure to look at the instructions given in the activation webpage of Norton.