Protect Yourself From An Active-Shooter With Backpack Armor


Last May, when most cities were locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the non-profit Gun Violence Archives reported a total of 59 mass shootings in the USA. This underscores one scary truth about mass shootings: that they can happen anytime and anywhere. Active shooters don’t care if there’s a pandemic or not. If they want to shoot people, they will. The Department of Homeland Security or DHS recommends three courses of action when confronted by an active shooter: run, hide, or fight. If it’s safe to do so, the first option that people should take is to run as far away from the shooter as they can. If running is not an option, then they should hide. As a last resort, people can also fight the shooter with weapons they can find around them. You’ll have a better chance of surviving, however, if you have a personal civilian ballistic gear with you such as a backpack armor.

If you’re not familiar with a backpack armor, it’s a bulletproof insert that you can put inside your backpack to instantly turn it into a bulletproof protective gear that you can use to protect yourself from a gun or knife attack. I saw even a backpack armor protecting a person from a Glock with a Recover 20/20 Brace. Backpack armors come in different sizes. So whether you have a small or big backpack, for sure there’s a bulletproof insert that is right for you. These ballistic protection inserts are unbelievably light. So you can carry it with you without even noticing it’s there. This is ideal for students. In the past, several schools have been affected by mass shooting incidents. Many students have died. You can’t help but wonder if deaths and injuries could’ve been prevented if more students are using backpack armor.

The civilian armor industry is currently experiencing a boom because of the widespread incidences of mass shootings. Apart from backpack armor, ordinary citizens can also protect themselves from active shooters with civilian bulletproof vests, armored backpacks, and bulletproof binder notebooks. Understandably, many patients are ordering personal bulletproof products ahead of the school opening. If wearing masks is part of the new normal as being espoused by experts, then having bulletproof gear could be the new normal because of the existing pandemic.

Most companies offering civilian bulletproof gear are concerned with the safety and security of ordinary citizens. They aim to provide a more proactive option for people if ever they’ll get caught in an active shooter incident.