Why We Need to Fight for Freedom


When I was in journalism school, they taught us about freedom fighting. Then the 9/11 incident happened. I was disgusted that my professors would think freedom fighting is sensationalism. Then I learned more and more, until my head spun with conspiracies and listening to the other side.

I wish we could all be pacifists. I wrote an essay about the need to fight versus not to get into university. It did get me into journalism school. My conclusion was that it is necessary because some people will never compromise. Violence is taught as a rhetoric and a viable course of action in many parts of the world.

I think about this as I have gratitude for the people in America who are fighting for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Their fight affects the freedom of so many other countries. Canadians and other democracies depend on the large budget of America’s military for their safety.

This is why there are forces to protect us. We want them to have the best tactical gear possible. This includes a tactical vest, tactical helmet, and tactical pants that are made for combat specifically at the very least.

There are stores that specialize in this gear, and I am grateful for them as well. Everyone in the world deserves a chance to be free, so long as their freedom does not impinge on the rights and freedoms of others. It’s a vicious cycle and a delicate balance. However, we have generations of heroes that have been willing to work to make this possible for the everyday man. With gratitude for pockets of peace, we continue to press on in the struggle to be safe. The makers of tactical gear salute the service of the men and women who are currently in the force.